About Us

Welcome to Delta Connects.

Delta Connects will treat you differently than the traditional contracting company. We are passionate about being easy to do business with. We believe that our services and products should support your long-term goals. Our success is derived from the success of your projects and your organization. We are different because:

  • We have a customer-focused service mentality
  • We are experts at IT and Building Systems Integration
  • We listen intently
  • We provide service until the job is done
  • We customize solutions
  • We dig deep into root causes
  • We analyze from financial and performance perspectives

Delta Connects Inc. is pleased to announce its acquisition of Integrated Building Controls (IBC) in New York City.

Since 1995 IBC has designed, installed and serviced direct digital control (DDC) systems for high-end residential, office, commercial, institutional, educational, and industrial buildings in the New York and northern New Jersey markets. IBC has a longstanding relationship as a Delta Controls partner, garnering numerous growth and innovation awards.

The solid reputation IBC has built within the local construction and building management industries is based on many high profile sites such as: The Met, Fordham University’s Manhattan Campus,  The 60 Wall Street Building, Pfizer’s World Head Quarters, The Veterans Hospital in East Orange New Jersey and over 400 similar sites.

We are proud to be the sister company and partner of Delta Controls, Inc.

Delta Controls is now a leading independent BACnet manufacturer of DDC building automation products and software, with over 300 distributors in over 80 countries. Through Delta’s adoption of the BACnet protocol, we can integrate your entire facility’s HVAC, lighting and access controls, and closed circuit television (CCTV) into one single Building Management System. Your entire building can be monitored and controlled through a single user friendly, web-based interface. This gives you full control of your facility from any work-station in your office or from any remote location in real time.  There are benefits to having a direct relationship with the product manufacturer. If projects produce special requirements and something needs to be tweaked or modified the Delta Controls R&D team is readily available next door to create the product needed to solve the problem.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

Mission Statement
Making buildings and their operators more efficient through technology.